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Auto Brokerage

CDS, Inc Auto Brokerage

What we offer is not solely for military but that is the focus and our primary experience.

Auto Brokerage's wholesale license allows us to go to any auction in the country and get the car you choose.

My price is cost plus 10% brokerage fee and a $275 title fee

  • For example; you come to me and want a 2008 530i.
  • We get on the internet and choose the color, mileage package, etc. and we buy it.
  • It will cost you that price, plus 10%, shipping/handling costs (whichever is needed for timing - either shipping or retrieval), and the $275 title fee.

You can almost 'Name Your Price'.

Call CDS, Inc 850-332-7022 or send an email

CDS, Inc Auto Brokerage can find that car for You